Seinäjokian Saturday.

Last Friday I took the 4,5 hour ferry over to Vaasa where Heidi and her friends picked me up. Around midnight we started the one hour drive to Seinäjoki - a great meteropol on the world map, famous for its... finnish people and saunas.

This first photo is to illustrate how I felt about Heidi and her roommates insane amount of Marilyn Monroe' art work on the walls, so I'm pointing finger at Marilyn while H is, well, holding her giant panda (I have a stuffed panda in my bed too - startsisters!!!)
Saturday morning we got in the car and drove to 3 (!!!) different supermarkets. Some things I found amusing/was a bit jealous of in there was
- kids get helium-balloons for the vappen-weekend (valborg i.e.) what it has to do with the tradition itself I have no idea (they do not even lit bonfires apparently:S:SS)
- the ice cream cones called "jättis" how cute??
- (this one's for Disa) STAR WARS ICE CREAM
then Heidi got a bit embarrassed so I stopped taking photos at everything and just kept repeatedly read every finnish sign I could see, trying to pronounce it correctly (if not embarrassed, she was definately annoyed)
Then Sarra Tuulie Kristiina Holttinen arrived and we unsipped(unplugged? uncorked?) some wine bottles.
Band photo, they wanted to call us "Linnea and the hot ones". How sweet. Weeell, I did however feel awfully pimpin' (not sure that's a verb) in my zebra-snuggie-blanket.
Then we headed for a place with blueberry shots and talking toilets.
They had a wacker lot of male porn on the walls. Like that one guy has hips and a waist?? Well that's... a proper turn on..
Final stop was KARMA, one of the night clubs (I think there were two)
Like every other guy had a hat on (inside??) so Sarra and I started this game where we punched hats of from peoples heads and threw them around like real playground-bullies. It was well fun, I do however wonder who that crazyface next to Sarra is... We didn't notice him until the day after.
Trying to make conversation as an English speaker would go sort of:
"Could I borrow a lighter?" 
"Whai aR jo spiking Ingliss?"
Oh you charming finns<3
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