I wish life could be more like american soapoperas. Then, whenever things go dramatic, you can just fade the picture down and pick things up again later.

I don't quite know what I am yet.I've tried smoking a pipe, flipping coins, listening exclusively to Franz Crunis. (...) I've even had a brief hat-phase. But nothing stuck.

We kissed until our lips felt swollen. Her mouth tasted of milk, polar mints and denver international.

One day I asked Jordana if she was now my girlfriend, and she said "I'll think about it" But she meant "Yes, we are now as one".

Submarine (2010) Richard Ayoade. Never have the patience to complete a film when I'm on my own and
don't necessarily have to watch it, but atleast I watched parts of Submarine today. It's rather funny, and the
main character looks insanely much like Ron Weasley, apart from the non-ginger-thing. (Oh and sorry about
spelling mistakes and such, but sometimes I really can't tell exactly what he's on about...)
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