Got the whole day off. Been sat drinking coffee, drawing, hammered a mirror up on the wall
and changed the layout of my hair. Ps. listen to this tune, perfect combo with the autumn sun.
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1. last wknd downtown 2. ashley smith in jalouse magazine
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5th week out of 52. Was really out of ideas for this week's theme and I was considering to just skip it, thus the weather is crap and therefore the lightning too (lots of the photos weren't very succesful due to the yellow-ish tone over them.) But I got my ass out of the couch anyway; I was thinking evil Disney characters at first, ended up painting my face inspired by "the black swan" (wheter it's a Disney film or not), was only bothered to paint one side of the face cuz I didn't want to finish my eyeliner,he-he. That's a wrap. Next week is Greed.
Upd 10:59: I started thinking the first one looks disturbingly much like a 'sad-dog-face-paint', so I uploaded another version too.
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