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My favourite songs from the past year:
Kanye West ft. Bon Iver - Lost In the World
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Vart Jag Mig i Världen Vänder
James Blake - A Case of You (Joni Mitchell Cover)
Bon Iver - Blood Bank
The Tallest Man On Earth - Love is All
Mando Diao - Sweet Jesus
'Allo Darlin - If Loneliness Was Art
Deportees - I Wanna Be In Your Gang
My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt 2
The xx - Crystalised
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2011 WRAP-UP, pt 3: jul-sep

I started the month out going to the 'peace and love' festival. I think that one week is a bit too long to live in a tent really, at the end of the week I was so repulsed by everything smelling of a mixture from puke, beer and urine and I hadn't showered for a whole week myself. But from a musical pov - it was fucking ace. This next summer I'd love to go to way out west since a) it's only one weekend b) free entrance to all clubs c) bon iver will be there!!
(Tuna salad - salad with tuna)

Started working at the café next to the hospital with some real nice girls. I realized what a pain you can be as a café guest without realizing it, like ripping the icecream paper into tiny little bits or always leaving your cucumber inside the cup, it's distuuurbing to clean up. And you feel totally un-cool wearing shoes like the ones in the photo, but other than that I loved it. Felt like when you were a kid and played 'supermarket' or whatever.
My friends took me out go-karting one evening (terrifying!!!). We held the funeral after my grandmother. Had picnic-dinner on the beach and stuff like that, what you can do when you have all the time in the world.


Had my very first driving lesson. Went to the annual concerts at the beach where I live. Had macaronies and with ketchup for like every meal. Went out in Umeå for the first time, like a month after my actual birthday. Started hating that blonde douche of a doorman who has a haircut that belongs to some 90's boyband as soon as I layed eyes on him.
Went to Stockholm to see parts of the kitchen group. Was so good to just have a weekend together, eating dancing laughing shopping whatever, forgetting everything else. And then school started, which is basically the hard part about going back home. It's like being in some sort of american high school film; realizing it's not obvious who you're supposed to sit with at lunch, over-hearing conversations in the bathroom that you wish you hadn't and coming home from school literally crying of exhaustion. Wwell, it does get better.

Re-colored my hair in a double-dip dye. Went to "art of the streets", i.e. staring at peeps creating pieces for hours down town. Re-painted the walls of my room yellow (as a tribute to Chris Nation's house)
Disa and I started the tradition of going to BC every wednesday after school. So there we've been sat drinking numerous amounts of coffee and staring at some uni students and eavesdropping on some very amusing besserwisser conversations.


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