I lost my baby in the springtime.

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Sooo...Me and my friends started on this 52 weeks-project, i.e. doing one photo every week for a whole year, with 52 different themes. Every Sunday we will post the result somewhere. This is to develop a bit, like not being stuck capturing the same stuff week after week. So far I think we came up with 36 themes or so, starting point for the first seven ones will be: the deathly sins. Here's my first sin, vanity:
Pout pout pout. Now, it was really rather tricky to draw lines across your body like that, they were very uneven and my skin started itching like crazy after a while. I have no idea whether underneath the eyebrow is a good place for inserting some botox (when I watched "Filip & Fredrik" last night they did it above and I was like fuuuck!!!) The photo goes in a violet/purple tone because, according to wikipedia, that's the color of Vanity. (Ms Sroka really fucked up my brain with all this hidden analysis stuff last year... Colorthemes,woo.)(Double-parantheses: I even used purple watercolor to draw with,now that obviously doesn't show but STILL. Credit.) And well,that's a wrap for week one. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen!
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So, here's a bunch of photos from when me and my mother visited Paris when I was 15.
Le Louvre + the ridiculousy long queue to Mona Lisa. You were pushed forward by all kinds of different nationalities, and in like 5 seconds it was over. This museum is part of one of my favourite films, the Dreamers.
Some dedicated street musicians.
Afternoon break.
Parisians in a riot. Quelle surprise.
Market place.
We climed all the stairs up to the top of the Eiffeltower.
'Just got married' up Montmartre.
Sacre Coeur + view from up there.
Tree of love declarations + man resting by the river.
Montmartre views..
La Tour Eiffel by night.
Moulin Rouge + an idea how the streets in the area looked like
Pain au chocolat for breakfast. Juni says "the higher the finger the lower the class" but that's obviously not true ~defending my little finger~
Notre Dame.
Beautiful carousel located by the eiffel tower.
Update/Removed some of the photos, these are waaay too many in one post. Almost gettng a headache by watching it.