drug style

1+2 Disa by me. I think the tag "drug style" in the background is quite amusing, thus she looks rather innocent.
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Well I'll confess all of my sins after several large gins

1+2 Disas trappuppgång
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"No honey you look like you need a miracle"

This is Heidi. She's the wee party queen of the kitchen group and one of those girls you just want to make friends with. Not just because she comes in great use when you're out and forgot to bring a bottle-opener and she will fix it using her teeth (how will we manage without you on Brandon Hill this time??), but because she is probably like the funniest person I ever met. She's also very sincere, never fears to tell her opinions.
I don't know how many things that has just slipped out of Heidi's mouth or phrases she's picked up from the Inbetweeners that has grown to be famous quotations/intern jokes of the kitchen group. When she gets drunk (preferrably on vodka+cranberry juice, seeing as she's finnish) she'll start talk real loud and repeat the same stories over and over again, which is rather amusing. "We have experienced so much together and I wouldn't change a single moment I have been with you. Not even embarrasing shacimi or whatever garden incident. If you can remember;)"
Frankly, she's a freakin legend and someone should write a book about her. I don't know whether you will read this, but if you do, let's skip classes one day and meet in Vaasa?!? Yours truly //Scooby-Doo