1+2 Our hotelroom in Amsterdam.

I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine.

Me and Sarra in Amsterdam, June 2011.


Forth day in Amsterdam, yet again (not to be nagging, just don't want to take credit for
anyone else's work) photos are a mixture of my own, Elme's and Marias. Edited by myself.

Friday looked like this:
12:43pm We started the day by wandering around the Albery Cuyp market. It was insanely hot outside.
1:27pm We were supposed to hang out in the Wandel Park that we had passed on the bike tour the day
before, but it was simply too hot to walk all the way there, so we settled with this park which name I can't
seem to remember.
4:02pm Another epic bike-design + a picture I'd simply like to call "the happy truckdriver"
5:15pm This poor little thing was suffering from overheating, allergies and asthma, and a cold on top of that.
She simply passed out like this in the bed when we got back to the room.
6:24pm In a park next to the hostel was this lovely tree house.All too exhausted by the extreme heating,
this is how we ended our evening. Then me and Sarra went to Subway for a dinner around 9, which was
an indeed very epic ending to a friday night in one of the world's coolest cities, having the sub of the day, lol.