hey la my boyfriend's back

1 magmag (magnificent magazine) 2 part of east side gallery, berlin



These photos are captured by Elme during our Berlin wknd. I've stolen them from facebook so therefore the poor quality.
Our hostel room + the Michigan folks :-)
Map reading in german is way difficult
Metrooo. Love how my bang sticks out from the head in the 2nd photo. And no one told me...WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS DO I HAVE REALLY?!?!!!??!
Photographic proof of photobooths on the street!!! The instructions inside were written in swedish!!! 2nd photo looks rather suspicious I suppose... /hanky_panky time
This lightpole was freakin madness! I mean look at the number of posters that's been layered wrapped around it?????????????? //creating false english sentences thus I can't be bothered to spellcheck