Continuing on where I left off last time.

Clifton Suspension Bridge.
When me and Sarra took Alf around town for an improviced guided tour,
the suspension bridge was the only thing that came to my mind. This is proper sight-seeing, beautiful sights!
Café Amore. Like I've said plenty of times before, the best paninis ever!! Plus full of italian gentlemen as
waitresses, they all have huge crushes on "the twins" Sarra and Juni! Quite cute, and creepy.
Cabot Circus. Suppose this should be included for the sightseeing part, look at the arches!! This is the biggest mall in Bristol, it has plenty of brand-stores, restaurants and jewellery shops et cetera. The only thing I really like about it is Urban Outfitters and Topshop (we don't have them in my town!!) where me and Sarra could spend hours, just trying on clothes for fun.
St Nicholas Market. (Feels like Elme would kill me if I did not put this location on the list) Well, the market is open everyday, some weekends - like the first Sunday of every month is the food market - they have special editions. In this video you pass by outside the market around 00:39.
Stoke's Croft. Oh, how I love this part of town. It's in constant motion. Full of cool cafés, cool people, cool street art, cool alternative stores. It just never seizes to fascinate me, like a party on the streets at 5pm??
The Canteen. Bar located in Stoke's Croft. It's always crowded. It has discoballs in the ceiling. It has a whole office of local artists above. It's rather amazing, apart from the weird menu when it comes to food!
Blue Mountain. Club in Stoke's Croft, like four minutes walk from the Bristol Bus station. On a good event night, it's wicked! If not, well they have a damn fine balcony (no damn fine photos though, we've used the party flash a bit too much.)
Gloucester Road. If you have time to kill, visit Gloucester Road. It's like an extension of Stoke's Croft, I'd say. It just a bit more of everything (has like tonnes of them Red Cross stores if you're into that) If I remember Chris' speeches correctly, this ought to be one of the longest alternative shopping-streets in the entire country. Luckily it has plenty of bars/cafés to catch your breath!!

Other additions, where I'm lacking of photos, would be the big chill bar, walk down by the harbour, Millenium Square (sight seeing,duuh!), BS8 (One store renting the floor to like eight different stores, was especially fond of the basement gift-shop full of random items, still curse the day I had the chance to buy the Diana and Charles-saving box but I didn't!!), Browns (for half price cocktails on Sun-Thurs evenings!) and then finally the two pound sushi from tesco!Heaven!!!

Oh, and you could always watch this video, it really helped me out a lot in the beginning (Well, atleast I made a lot of people burst out laughing at me - so always a start, I suppose.)
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Ladies and gentlemen,I'd hereby like to present my favourite locations in the home town of Skins, the capital of awesomeness, the town where I felt like 17 was the age to be - BRISTOL. (And yes, I have quite a few skins-connections in here + places are in no particular order of epicness!)
Park Street. The street where Freddie is seen skating down in the first episode of the 3rd skins series, leading up to the University of Bristol and the posh Clifton area (and the suspension bridge). This street includes both commercial and independent stores/restaurants et cetera, a mixture of old and new architecture.
Woodes. This café is located up Park Street, next to the Motel store. Me and Sarra just stumbled in there one day in November and since then I'm not sure quite how many afternoons we've spent in there, sipping on coffee and gossiping away. Unfortunately I've never taken the courage to photograph enough downstairs (that's the cool area) thus one of the waitresses is always staring angrily at me. But this place has lush decorations, I think it's well kept since the 60's - when they opened up.
Motel. After a girl was handing out flyers about this lovely shop one Saturday in September and it rang a bell that Kaya Scodelario has recommended it, we made sure to move our asses away from College Green where we were sat drooling over the skaters, and payed it a visit. They sell clothes from both their own brand, motel rocks, and also tonnes of vintage. Plus they have a pair of two really cool identical DJ-twins working and they often to discount eve's with some fun theme. Unfortunately, they prizes have gone up insanely much since we first discovered the place.
Brandon Hill. Yet another place I've found through my own put together Skins-tour. Since then I've kept dragging my friends up there to share all the beauty - cause this place looks beautiful whatever time of the day it's dressed up in - trust me, I've even spent the morning up there, watching the sunrise in a cardboard box. (Sarra is so cute in this photo<3)
Watershed. The independent cinema located down by the harbourside, showing films by Sofia Coppola and film festival nominées. It's been kept in the same shape since the 80's (note: this is info based on what I think my filmstudies teacher said). I adore this place; the sound of the projector spinning, the silence the seconds right before the film goes on. Quite frankly, it's magical.
Ciao. Juni brought us here one evening in May, they make the best take-away pizza (hawaii with pineapple chunks) and a coke for £7! The manager is really friendly as well and the walls are full of photos of guests, family and restaurant members - it's really cosy.
Thekla. Ever since the beginning of May when school was nearly out we extended our party weekend and our Thursday night plans were pretty much the same - dancing at the party boat by the harbour. Indie music, 2-4-1 drinks and so much cool people, it was a fucking blast.
Castle Park. The month of May was so hot that we spend most of the time combining getting-over-your-hang-over-time with sunbathing time. This is a really nice spot (at least on the right side of the church/cathedral, where the small café is) to be sat staring at people, having take-away or a fag.

That's a wrap for part one, was only supposed to be one part to be honest, but as I went along I decided I'd like to add some more places. Stay tuned xx
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