-- gettin higher than the empire state

Railway Café. Railway Café 2.
1+2 Railway café in Willsbridge by me
tune: http://open.spotify.com/track/1L1LCAhAmth5MFgwh2SIAM
And when I woke up on your kitchen floor
with a headache made in hell
And the flowers that I gave you
smiled at me from the window pane
Then I thought I must be crazy
cause I'm feeling kind of good
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trodde jag hade glömt att säga adjö liksom, men jag glömde fan att säga hallå också

haft denna låt på hjärnan de senaste dygnen
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I wanna play the base like McCartney but what I want most is you

src unknown Felt slightly like this panda this afternoon so I skipped the last period and Disa came through the snowstorm like some knight in shining armour to sip some coffee with me at BC. Just what I needed! 
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